5 Inventions That Need To Be In Existence.


I will probably regret this article later in life, if someone takes these ideas and does not credit or pay me. Then again due to Karma, I cannot receive what I haven’t given, so I will take it as a lesson learned. Anyways, I will share these ideas anyways and hopefully the inventor(s) who creates them will make me a partner. These are the inventions I believe need to be created as soon as possible.

5. Pheggs

Salmonella poisoning can not only make someone sick; it can kill them. Yet, people take the liberty of buying chicken eggs and playing a risky game of egg toss. Not only is it unsafe, if you think about it, it is inhumane. Ladies, would you be okay with someone taking your eggs and then tossing them about for the sake of fun? I know humans are arrogant enough to think human eggs are different from animal eggs or even that of insects, at the end of the day, they are not. All eggs have the same purpose and that purpose is to create more life. Furthermore, egg toss is definitely anti-vegan. That’s where my idea of Pheggs come in. Fake or faux eggs (pheggs looks better than feggs), Pheggs would be a great way to continue the tradition of egg toss without using eggs. The best and safe way to make Pheggs would be with organic, plant based, and biodegradable ingredients. This way you do not have to worry about any unsafe ingredients. Being that the Phegg can end up on someone’s mouth or eyes, making sure it is safe for humans and the earth would be the best idea. Not sure how one would go about that. This is definitely an idea that can make someone successfully rich, while helping the planet and helping vegans join in on the fun.

4. Alarm-Alarm.

I do not have an actual name for this invention. Alarm-Alarm would be an alarm for your car alarm. I am sure you happen to be in a parking lot of a mall or store and heard an alarm. It honks over, and over, and over, and over again, annoying everyone who hears it. The problem is, the owner never seems to hear it or even know their car alarm is sounding. Of course, they cannot hear it because they are in the mall or store. At some point the alarm goes off by itself and if indeed there was a thief, he/she could hide until the alarm goes off and then continue stealing. Alarm-Alarm would “alarm” the car owner via their key that his/her car alarm has been activated. This way they could check the car (with caution) to see if it was the wind, a shopping cart, or hopefully not an actual thief. Once they know for sure all is well, they can turn off the alarm and go back to shopping. It even helps in neighborhoods, when an alarm is going off and everyone believes the alarm is not their car. Alarm-alarm would assure everyone who’s car alarm it is and who’s it is not.

3. Phrog

Yes, this is another fake invention. In the summer when it is really hot and your air condition is on, it attracts flying insects. Whether you spray, hit, or catch and release, getting rid of flying insects is not easy nor is it fun. That is where Phrog comes in. Phrog is a fake or faux frog. Specifically, an electric frog. The invention would have a scent or light to attract the insect. The Phrog would also have a motion sensor and would have a tongue that is released when a flying insect comes near it. It would catch the insect, as a frog does, and then place it in a compartment. Once you have enough insects you can take the Phrog outside and with a remote, press a release button, which would open the compartment and release the insects. Awesome idea, right?

2. Cortana, Siri, Alexa, and Who?

Thanks to technology, we can now talk to technology and receive an answer. Have you ever been to a big store and could not find what you needed/wanted? I remember asking for help and the help said, sorry, that is not my department, so I am not sure. Very helpful. Every big store should have a kiosk that can answer your questions. Walmart can name theirs Wally, Target can name theirs Tar-jay, Big Lots can name theirs Biggie, and so on. Then you can walk up to the kiosk and ask, Wally, what aisle can I find picture frames? Tar-jay, do you have Dymo label printers in store? Biggie, where did they move the masks? Obviously, the store would have to update the kiosk determining what they stop or start selling and where they move products. This would be easier then walking around a big store and better than getting a, “sorry, that is not my department.”

1. Snow Disappearer

In winter, although playing in snow is fun, removing it from driveways and roads are not fun at all. Furthermore, the snow gets moved and sometimes creates a mountain that takes longer to melt. Why not create a machine that makes the snow disappear? School informs us well; it does not educate us. If it did, we’d use the information we received to create amazing inventions. If you remember from science class, snow is a form of water. Water comes in three forms: solid, liquid, and gas. So, in stead of a snow blower that simply blows snow, why not create a snow disappearer that makes snow disappear. The machine would look like a snow blower, instead of moving the snow it would make it disappear. How? Easy. The machine would, like a vacuum, take in the snow. The snow would then go into a part of the machine that would turn it into water and then the water would go into another part of the machine that would turn it into gas. Simple. This way you have less mess and less mountains of snow, and an easier way of clearing the snow. It would mean no snow days of course, which would be the only downside of the invention.


Although I said five, I want to give a bonus invention. In the East side of the Divided States of America, it can rain so much that it floods. In the West side it can not rain so much that it droughts. It’d be cool and helpful if inventors can figure out how to collect the rains in the East so it never floods and send it to the West so it never droughts.

If you read this and you already have started creating these inventions, if you choose not to include me, that is okay. You stealing from me will be my Karma. Just remember though, when someone steals from you, do not be angry or upset, simply accept it as your Karma.




Proud uncle, writer (author, poet, songwriter, playwright, screenwriter, drama series), fashion designer, graphic designer, visual artist, and so much more.

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Casey Bell

Casey Bell

Proud uncle, writer (author, poet, songwriter, playwright, screenwriter, drama series), fashion designer, graphic designer, visual artist, and so much more.

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