Cardinals, canaries, blue jays, and pigeons

Penguins, ostriches, ducks, and geese

Robins, pelicans, turkeys, and chickens

Swans, flamingos, storks, and owls

Parrots, eagles, hawks, and buzzards

Crows, seagulls, herons, and peacocks

Falcons, sparrows, doves, and cuckoos

There are so many birds so many species


Roscoe and Muldoon

I am a fan of different, unique, and creative. No matter how weird, silly, or crazy it may be, different is what I am all about. So, when the author of “The Mayor Is Mad.” wanted me to interview the characters from the book, Roscoe and Muldoon, I said yes!

If you ask anyone in America who went to school, what does school offer, they will tell you, education and social skills. If you ask those same people, can you give a formal and accurate dictionary definition of education and/or social skills, 9 out of 10 will be unable to…

HUMANIALS (Full Story) by Casey Bell

The year is 3097 and the earth is barely filled with the race of humans, but a new race created by a human. A mad scientist. Dr. Lud Pagal, an immoral person, now dead, started the inhumane creation of humanials. In 2997 after thirty…

Casey Bell

Proud uncle, writer (author, poet, songwriter, playwright, screenwriter, drama series), fashion designer, graphic designer, visual artist, and so much more.

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