Are You A Wild Lion or a Zoo Lion?

So many people in theses days are struggling financially. Especially now that there is a pandemic. One of the main thing wealthy people tell the poor, is to become an entrepreneur if you do not want to be poor. Most middle-class people respond with, I am not the entrepreneur type. I have come to tell you that is not true. We all were created to be entrepreneurs, but we were not all born in the proper environment. If you take the time to look back at your history/your ancestors, there was no such things as jobs back in the day. Everyone had a family business. In fact, many surnames came from your business. For instance, Cooke (chef), Black (blacksmith), Archer (archer), and even my last name, Bell was given to the man who rung the church bell. Now that most people are raised in a job having household that is all they know. The best way to understand why you are an entrepreneur, but don’t think you are is to understand animals. Let us look at the lion.

All lions are born to be wild. However, if they are born in a circus or zoo the only thing, they know is being captive. They are raised with limits and are raised to wait to be fed dead meat by a human. The wild lion has no limits can travel as far or near as they please and never wait for a human to feed them dead meat in stead they catch their own meal. Lions and other animals that are raised in captive die earlier than their counterparts. Why? First, you can never recreate the climate of a jungle rain forest, safari, or any other wild climate. You can come pretty close, but never an exact match. Because of this, captive animals do not receive their proper environment causing them to die earlier. The other factor is food. Specifically, carnivores. Any animal that eats flesh, but is not a scavenger, in the wild never eats dead meat. They eat live animals. The animal is in the process of dying while they are being eaten. That is important because once the animal is dead and turned into meat any of its nutrients are either dead or not as nutritious. So, any animal that is captive never receives the complete nutrients and vitamins it needs.

With that said, we as humans were created to educate and employ ourselves. Besides reading, writing, and arithmetic, we were created to teach ourselves. Every invention that was created, someone had to teach themselves how to create it. We also were created to be without limits. However, people who go to school are like zoo lions. They have to wait for someone else to feed them (education). Going to school means you cannot learn anything until someone is ready to teach you or thinks you are ready to learn it. Further more you may be exposed to dead meat, information that is either false or useless to you. Where as entrepreneurs go to the library and get their own food (information/education) when they are ready, never waiting on someone else. They create their own jobs and usually have multiple streams of income and never have to wait for someone to feed them as do job seekers. People who get a job have to wait for a call for an interview and then wait for a call to see if they got the job. And then they have to wait once a week, biweekly, or once a month for payment. We were not created to wait for someone else to feed us.

Let’s look at another example. Way back in the day pigeons and seagulls never spent time around humans. But when humans started feeding them, they became dependent on humans. Now, you see them hanging around parking lots of restaurants and grocery stores waiting for someone to feed them. They got used to being dependent, so now they hang around. I am sure you heard that saying do not feed animals, because they will always return for more. Humans have gotten so used to being dependent on humans they expect every one to provide for them what they have the ability to provide for themselves. Expecting Pastors to pray for them when the bible makes it clear we all have the same power to pray for ourselves (Acts 1:8). Depending on the government to fix neighborhoods that the people ruined. Waiting for people to accept them for who they are. Humans have become so dependent on everyone else that it is an addiction. Insects, animals, and humans were all created to be self-sufficient, but humans have been rewired to sufficient on others.

You are an independent being able to provide for yourself. As difficult as it is to get a zoo lion used to living in the jungle, it is still possible. You may not enjoy the journey of becoming the original entrepreneur you, but the end result is worth it. You are capable and have all you need. Rethink yourself into the person you are. An independent wild lion and not the dependent zoo lion you were raised to be.

Proud uncle, writer (author, poet, songwriter, playwright, screenwriter, drama series), fashion designer, graphic designer, visual artist, and so much more.

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