Cardinals, canaries, blue jays, and pigeons

Penguins, ostriches, ducks, and geese

Robins, pelicans, turkeys, and chickens

Swans, flamingos, storks, and owls

Parrots, eagles, hawks, and buzzards

Crows, seagulls, herons, and peacocks

Falcons, sparrows, doves, and cuckoos

There are so many birds so many species

So many colors so many shapes

So many sizes some with feathers others with none

And still they live in harmony

No hating no demeaning no talking down

They have accepted their beauty

And those of other birds

They do not feather shame each other

Some fly and some do not

They do not believe one is better

If birds can be beautiful and wonderful

As diverse as they are

Why cannot humans see the same?

Just as birds come in different shapes

Sizes and colors

Humans do as well and still

Are beautiful

Like the crane, the passerine, and the sandpiper

There is no human more important

More better

More superior to another

Birds function without hate

It’s time humans do the same

This is an excerpt from my book, “Poems from the Other Side.” Click Here to Get Your Copy

Proud uncle, writer (author, poet, songwriter, playwright, screenwriter, drama series), fashion designer, graphic designer, visual artist, and so much more.

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