Ditch College

It is September and school has started, well, for most students, it started online. Due to the pandemic most schools and colleges are offering online schooling. Before the pandemic people had the choice to do online classes, now it is the only choice. Many college students chose in class because they believed it was best for them, but now they have to learn how to learn online. So, being that you have to take classes online, why would you go to college? College is very expensive and take three to four years to complete. Further more you spend at least one to two years in classes you do not need.

How do I get my education? I am sure that is the question one would ask and I have the great answer. Being that you have to take online classes anyway, then you might as well do it the better way. There are many online classes taught by professors or experienced people for a lot less money and you spend a lot less time. Websites such as Coursera, edX, Udemy, Shaw Academy, Udacity, Inc., Khan Academy, and University of the People, offer either free or less expensive classes. You receive the same education and you can receive either a certificate, diploma, or degree for your resumé purposes. You spend less time and you only learn what is needed for your degree program.

Should I drop out of college? Yes, but before you do, do complete research. Research the websites and see if you can receive the same degree for free or for less. If so, then yes drop out and sign up for one of those online classes. There is no need in spending more money for the same thing. Most of the staff who teach the classes are either retired professors or working professors from colleges all around the world.

Do I need a high school diploma? Because many of these courses you only pay if you want the degree (paperwork), you can take the courses for free while in high school. If you are a high school dropout, then you can gain information and education from these sites and if you pay can receive a degree for resumé purposes.

What are some other opportunities for free education? As always, the library has always been the best free source of information and education. It is the best way to self-educate for free and you get to decide how quickly or slowly you learn. Being a entrepreneur has always been the best way to be financially fit. Getting a job never promised anyone anything. With the government shut down and now the pandemic, so many people with degrees and a job are struggling. But those who have their own business and multiple streams of income are doing just fine. A degree is never and has never been needed to succeed. You can learn for free through the library and use that information to create your own income. YouTube of course has millions of tutorials and classes on every subject out there. People with much experience spend their time sharing their information for free. You don’t have to pay anything. Of course, liking, commenting, sharing, and subscribing helps them get paid through google, so always give back by doing that. Another link you can check out that gives you information on free education is https://www.edsmart.org/accredited-online-colleges/free/. This website shows resources of universities and websites that offer free information and education. And if you search you will find more ways of receiving free education. The person who said education was expensive, was the person who never searched for the free education. Education has always been free, but the unwise always pays for it.

Rethink education. Education is everywhere you look, everywhere you go, and everywhere you are. If you allow people to make you think you have to pay for it, then like the unwise you will always pay for it, but like the wise you will receive it for free.



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