Freeman vs Slave

Are you a slave? I know everyone reading that question is saying a very loud no. That is only because you have no clue of what the definition of slave is. When you say slave the first thing most people think about white Americans mistreating black Americans. That indeed is what Americans did, that is not the definition of slave. Before I give you the actual definition, I will give you the definition from different dictionaries.


1. a person held in forced servitude

2. disapproving: a person who is completely subservient to a dominating influence

a slave to fashion/technology

3. a device (such as the printer of a computer) that is directly responsive to another

a person who is the property of and wholly subject to another and forced to provide unpaid labor.

a person entirely under the domination of some influence or person:

1. One who is owned as the property of someone else, especially in involuntary servitude.

2. One who is subservient to or controlled by another: his boss’s slave.

3. One who is subject to or controlled by a specified influence: a slave to alcohol; a slave to an irrational fear.

Cambridge Dictionary

a person who is legally owned by someone else and has to work for that person:

If you notice the main definition of slave is to be controlled by someone one or something else. I ask you again, are you a slave (or enslaved)? You are, you just don’t know it because you were enslaved from birth. Everything you do is because of someone else’s control. You are not aware because you thought that it was the right thing to do. The MAIN difference between a slave and a freeman is freemen always ask why, slaves do not. Everything we do that is necessity is either factual or science. Every fact and science has a why behind it. If you do not know they why and you do it anyway, you are a slave. If you ask why or choose to fact check or research the why, you are a freeman. Why are you a slave? We were taught from birth that we are always wrong and the adults are always right. Whatever they do, believe it is right and never ask why. So, you continue through life doing things you have no reason WHY you are doing it and yet you continue to do it, because that is what slaves do. Furthermore, because slaves fear their master, they criticize and ridicule those who do question, because slaves prefer to be accepted by their master, even if their master is wrong. I will show you how you are a slave, how your master has always been wrong and how you chose to obey your master even though they were wrong and you chose to criticize the freemen who had the courage to ask why.

You became a slave as a child when your parents told you to not question them. Just obey. In the bible, people asked Jesus questions constantly and he simply answered their questions. He never said do as I say, don’t ask me questions, you just believe what I say. Jesus simply answered their questions. Because America was built on dictatorship and communism (if this was a democracy there would have never been slaves and women would have been able to vote since 1776), all Americans know is how to dictate to people and expect them to obey without questioning. So, you started off being a slave at home when your parents did and said everything, they did not want you to say and do and spanked you for doing everything they said and did. You then went to temple/synagogue/church and the clergy told you what to do and say and you weren’t allowed to question. If you did, they put the fear of hell into you to get you to obey without questioning. Then you went to school and the teacher told you to believe everything they teach you and to not question it. If you did, they put the fear of the principal’s office in you. Then of course you learned about doctors and doctor visits. Whatever the doctor said, you believe it and if you don’t you will b sick or die. Every institution in America has the slave/master format. No questioning, no correcting, no fact checking, just do as you are told. That is slavery.

Now think. We now know Christopher Columbus did not discover America. Yet it is still a touchy topic in America. People still get offended and have heated arguments over a lie. Why? Because you are a slave. People who are free have no problems having a discussion or even being corrected. Masters and dictators have an issue with being corrected or disobeyed. There was no way you could correct your history teacher on the lie about Columbus without being sent to the principal’s office. You were enslaved to believe it and you had no courage to ague it, because slaves or the enslaved fear their master. Even standing for the pledge. According to the 1942 law, no one has to stand. So, why do teachers enforce it? Because they were slaves at one point and they are simply enforcing the same lies. The pledge does not honor veterans. The purpose of the pledge (the word pledge means to vow or make a promise. You should know that.) was to make immigrants, who at that time in America’s history was not allowed to become citizens, promise they would fight in America’s army in time of war. And the Star-Spangled Banner was originally a poem written in 1814 and became the anthem in 1930. The poem itself has nothing to do with honoring anyone. It was simply written to share an experience by the writer. I know this because I went to the library and took out books and found out the history. Slaves do not read or fact check. Whatever they are told they believe it. Not only did they not take the time to teach truth, they made the time to not teach what you need in life. School has never taught you how to read and understand a contract, how to buy a car or home, how to save or invest, how to get a job, work the job, job etiquette, what is inappropriate on the job, how to get a raise or promotion, how to start a business, how to file taxes as an employer, freelancer, or employee, and the list goes on and still no one questions the school system. Instead, people ridicule people who choose to homeschool their child. And school never gave you social skills. I already wrote an article on that. Teachers and school have miseducated you and still if you bring a book from the library proving what they teach is wrong, you’ll be the one who is wrong. Why? Because the slave is always wrong and the master/dictator is always right.

Have you ever taken the time to read, research, and study the bible? What about the other books in other religions? Have you taken the time to get history books and study the time periods they were written in? Do you even know when (What century) they were written in? Again, slaves do not know those things. Whatever they are taught about G-d or gods, they believe it or they do not believe. Freemen take the time to do an extensive study for themselves. Freemen know it doesn’t matter your title; you can still be wrong in what you are teaching. The bible itself says in Romans 3:4, let everything G-d say be true and every man a liar. So, just as long that Priest, Pastor, or Pope is a human, then he/she is a liar unless you can prove them to be true through researching the bible for yourself (II Timothy 2:15). I will give you some examples why you should question everything you hear before believing it. You were taught Adam and Eve ate an apple. The bible says after they noticed they were naked, they sewed fig leaves to cover themselves. For those who do not know, fig trees are the only trees you can get fig leaves. Furthermore, there are no apples on a fig tree. (Gen 3:7). You were taught that Jonah was swallowed by a whale. If you read Jonah 1:17, you’ll see the bible does not say whale it says fish. If you were paying attention in science class, you’ll remember that whales are not fish and have never been fish. They are mammals, which is why they do not stay in the water. Remember fish cannot breathe air so they must stay in the water at all times. Whales and dolphins are not fish, so they are capable of leaving the water. You were told Adam and Eve were the first people on earth. The bible instructs them to replenish the earth (Genesis 1:28). The word replenish means to restore, restock, to fill up again. You cannot do again if you are the first. If you receive information without questioning you will believe a lie and then whoever lies to you can control you or continue to deceive you.

Picture from:

Lead, asbestos, mercury, smoking, cocaine, talcum powder, pesticides, weed killer, silicon and many other deadly substances were at one point in time considered safe by scientists, doctors, and approved by the FDA. Valdecoxib (Bextra), Pemoline (Cylert), Bromfenac (Duract), Levamisole, Zantac, and thousands of drugs were recalled by the FDA even though they were the ones who approved them. Even though doctors and scientists all have college degrees, they have never been able to know how dangerous something is until it kills thousands of people. They have not found any cures to anything and all of their procedures and treatments have dangerous and sometimes deadly side effects. Doctors and scientists themselves do not live long lives (Do you know any that made it beyond 100 years?). and according to statistics, doctors are the number one killers of people. Americans require explanations from white police officers who kill people of color, yet they have never asked for an explanation from doctors and scientists as to why they have made thousands of deadly mistakes. Why? Because you were enslaved to believe people with degrees are always right. Even though the billionaires and most of the CEOs are high school and college drop outs, even though those with degrees have made more mistakes than those without (teachers with degrees didn’t know the truth of Christopher Columbus, and doctors thought smoking was safe), even though you have more than enough evidence to prove you need to start questioning the medical world, you still do not do it. Why? Because you are enslaved. Not only has the FDA approved deadly drugs and substances they have never approved taking daily vitamins. And after centuries of evidence and research to prove the benefits, effectiveness, and power of CBD, hemp, and medical marijuana, they are only now, slowly, and hesitantly approving it. What more do you need to start questioning them?

Whether it’s not questioning the Pope on the sexual abuse happening in the Catholic church, whether it’s not questioning the Bloods and the Crips why they kill black people, whether it’s questioning the government as to why they continue to do nothing about the inequality and discrimination in America, when you are enslaved, you do not question. When you fear the one who needs to questioned, you do not do it. Instead, when someone, a freeman, gets the courage to question, they are ridiculed by the enslaved. There were not only black people who criticized Harriet Tubman, there were some who criticized Rosa Parks. Not because what they did was wrong, because they feared what their master would do to them. When you fear your master, you hate the freeman. The thing is if the enslaved all got together to question the master, the master/dictator, would not have any power. It is your job to begin questioning everything. Slaves just do what they are taught, freemen question what they are taught. Have you ever researched the holidays you celebrate? Did you know most of the holidays you celebrate, according to their beginnings, you celebrate them incorrectly? Did you know St. Patrick’s Day is a Catholic holiday and not an Irish holiday? Did you know the three wise men did not see Jesus when he was born, they visited him when he was 2 years old? Did you know St. Valentine’s Day honors martyrs for Christ? If you do not question or research, you are enslaved. The freeman knows the why behind everything they do, the slave does not.



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