Humanials Part 2

Mager: The bible? What ridiculous idea gave you the notion to read the bible?

Feger: I was curious as to why people talk about it, but believe no one should read it. I wanted to see what was wrong with it. Why humans spoke against it so heavily. After realizing humanials were not mentioned in the bible, I just wanted to know how we got here. Dad, we’re a product of a science project. Doesn’t that anger you?

Mager: What angers me is you thinking you had the right to find this out.

Feger: I am sorry if I have offended you father. That was not my intent. I was simply curious. I don’t understand your anger. Don’t you prefer truth?

The fact that humans and humanials could not seem to get along, Feger’s father assumed if this information went public, humans would start a revolution to get rid of the race of humanials.

Feger: Do you not understand. If humans found this out, they would wipe us out. They have already discriminated against us, segregated us, mistreated us, and now you bring this to me. This would cause them to go to war against us. You have to look at the bigger picture. This isn’t just truth; this is truth against us.

Mager: Sorry, father. I did not see it that way. You know not all humans are against us.

Feger: The one’s who claim to be for us do absolutely nothing to stop the mistreatment of us. They are cowards. When humans find this out and try to destroy us, those claim to be for us will not fight on our behalf. We must do something about this.

Feger: Father, what would we do?

Feger’s father immediately went to thinking how to stop a possible war against humanials. The International Advancement of Humanials or IAH, is an organization that provided funds, lawyers, and other resources to humanials who were being discriminated against or segregated by humans. Feger’s father, Mager, took a visit to his local IAH office and showed the books to the president of the local IAH office. President Femquirell read the information and was baffled to be in knowledge of the truth. Mager immediately sounded off at Femquirell, warning her that the humans would kill the humanials once they knew the truth. Not sure which way to think, Femquirell asked Mager to calm down and give her some time to think. She told him seven days and then she would make a decision. Mager, of course, did not want to wait seven days. He did though humble himself and accepted the answer. Femquirell wanted to believe humans had love in them enough to not kill them. She then thought of the ways most humans mistreat humanials and begin to come to the realization that if the humanials do not destroy humans, humans would destroy humanials. By day five she had already sent out an email to the main president of IAH. She sent an email with the book titles and authors of the books that give the history of the creation of humanials as well as some concerns of what might happen to the race of humanials if the race of humans find out the facts. The president, Lioman, without doubt or hesitation believed humans would destroy the race of humanials. He sent out an email to all 24,535 IAH presidents all over the world and sent out instructions on how to conquer the human race.

To Be Continued: November 19, 2021




Proud uncle, writer (author, poet, songwriter, playwright, screenwriter, drama series), fashion designer, graphic designer, visual artist, and so much more.

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Casey Bell

Casey Bell

Proud uncle, writer (author, poet, songwriter, playwright, screenwriter, drama series), fashion designer, graphic designer, visual artist, and so much more.

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