Humanials Part 3

Not all humanials were in favor of this war against humans. Others though, through research found out not only did humans not know love with one another, that humans killed one another due to ethnicity, skin color, and religion, that humans killed one another due to gangs and mafias. They also learned humans had no love for animals. History of animal abuse, hunting, and wearing fur. They believed due to the history of what humans have done, humans were incapable of loving. So, they believed the best thing to do was to eliminate the human race.

The Race War of 3081 began in May. It began in Comoros, the country where Dr. Pagal started his experiments. Because Comoros is such an unknown country the rest of the world did not believe the war would expand. Expand, it did. By 3090, the war seemed as if it would never end. Like a world-wide pandemic, the war hit every nation on earth. Humanials and humans all over were victims to the war. No one saw an end in sight. Everyone was so used to hate, no one believed love was the solution. It was a child humanial, Mowl, that made world news, thanks to the internet. His parents filmed him having a conversation with an adult humanial, Micken.

Mowl: Why does this war continue? Can’t everyone see it is not working?

Micken: Until every human is dead the war must go on. It is the only solution to the mistreatment of humanials.

Mowl: But many innocent children on both sides are dying.

Micken: Sometimes sacrifices have to be made to solve a problem.

Mowl: This war is only causing more hatred. Why use hate against humans?

Micken: Humans are the source of hate. They are the founders of hate. Hate would not exist without them. They brought hate into this earth and they refuse to remove it. So, the best thing to do is remove humans. We remove humans then the hate will naturally be removed.

Mowl: The best way to conquer hate is to love. If we love our enemies, they will see and understand love and then be able to choose it. Just as long as they have not experienced love, they cannot choose it. It is up to us to be the stronger race and show them nothing but love. Love is the answer.

Micken: The race of humans that live today have been around since Adam and Eve. They have had centuries, even thousands of years to show and experience love. Their time is up. The removal of the human race is the only answer.

Hundreds of thousand of people applauded Mowl for everything he said, but not enough humanials or humans were brave enough live by Mowl’s words. Love your enemies. If you love them, they will then experience love and then be able choose it. Words so true and so easy to talk, but not so easy to walk. Reporters, talk show hosts, commentaries all over the world commended Mowl’s words. Celebrities, Politian’s, and influencers stood with Mowl. They all spoke good words, but were too weak to walk the talk.

To Be Continued: November 26, 2021



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Casey Bell

Proud uncle, writer (author, poet, songwriter, playwright, screenwriter, drama series), fashion designer, graphic designer, visual artist, and so much more.