Humanials Part 4

The war started in 3081 and by 3091 the war was nearly over. Millions of lives were lost all over the world both humanials and humans both young and old. There were more of the humanials race all over the world. Percentage wise it was 80/20. Humans were dying every day though. The war was just about through. If humans were not dying do to war it was due to homicide or unrightful death penalties.

In the year of 3101 the earth was freed of humans. There were talks of humans still being alive, just in hiding places. Even talks of seeing humans as talks of seeing aliens, but for the most part it was just talks and no one knew whether they were true or false. The world was now filled with liked minded creatures and humanials were the only race that ruled the earth. They were able to rid the earth of humans. They did with war and hate. The one thing humanials did not realize was you cannot create love with hate.

It seemed as if hate was of the past, but one can say hate was simply resting. By the year 3110 humanials, like humans (when they were alive), began to discriminate against each other. It wasn’t enough to be a humanial anymore. You had to be of the same kind. The first discrimination came against humanials that were half male and female. It was considered to be unnatural to have both genders. If you were not all male or female, slowly, but surely, all over the world, half-gends, which is what they were called socially and if you wanted to insult them, jiggers, were getting the smaller half of the humanial stick.

Yara: How could you say that about half-gends?

Lucio: Having both genders is sickening. It’s not right.

Yara: How could you be so prejudice?

Lucio: How can you defend those godforsaken breeds?

Yara: Did you forget? We are all godforsaken. We humanials would not be here without a human and his science project.

Lucio: Oh whatever.

Yara: Whatever, nothing. Did you forget the history of humanials? We were almost wiped out by humans. Did you forget how they bullied us and mistreated us? How could you turn around and do the same thing to your own race?

Lucio: They’re not the same race as us. I’m a full-gend, they’re only half.

Yara: Your gender, skin color, nor your ethnicity describes your race. We are humanials. That is our race. Black is not a race, half-gend is not a race, Comorian is not a race. They may not look the same as you. They may not be mixed with the same human or animal as you, but they are still the same race as you. And they deserve the same equality, respect, justice, and treatment as you. You are not better than them.

Lucio: What are you a jigger lover?

To Be Continued: December 3, 2021




Proud uncle, writer (author, poet, songwriter, playwright, screenwriter, drama series), fashion designer, graphic designer, visual artist, and so much more.

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Casey Bell

Casey Bell

Proud uncle, writer (author, poet, songwriter, playwright, screenwriter, drama series), fashion designer, graphic designer, visual artist, and so much more.

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