Are All Men Dogs/Pigs?

I will answer the question (Are all men dogs/pigs) soon. The first thing you need to understand about Americans, which is why it is the most ignorant country, is, Americans have the habit of changing the definition of words and than misusing the words. With that said allow me to explain to you what a man actually is; because I promise you, if you ever said all men are dogs or all men cheat, then you my dear never knew the definition of a man. Before I give you the definition of a man, I need to give you the definitions of different words. Let us begin:


A male is a human born with a penis and a female is a human born with a vagina. A human born with a penis and is 17 years old or younger is a male child and a human born with a vagina and is 17 years old or younger is a female child. A male human aged 18 or older is an adult male and a female human 18 years old or older is an adult female. Most people call the male who cheated on them a man, but that is not a man. Just because he is legal age, that does not make him a man. Child or adult identifies you by your age not man or woman.


A boy is a male who is immature and irresponsible, and a girl is a female who is immature and irresponsible. Boys/Girls sit on their parents couch and watch television all day. Boys/Girls don’t have a job and are not trying to get one. Boys/Girls cheat and have sex before marriage. Boys/Girls have multiple sex partners. I hope that you are getting the point. Your age will never determine your boyhood or manhood only your maturity level does that. If you have an adult male who is still a boy then that simply means something happen to him as a child. Most of the times it’s molestation, but sometimes it could be a number of things, death of a parent, a parent abandoning him/her, being abused in any form, or even divorce of parents. Many factors can cause a human to stop growing mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Every human has their own story, but the actions they make in life will tell you what age they are. Allow me to take this further. People have a difficult time understanding adults who are attracted to children, but I do not. If you talked with adults who are attracted to children, each one will give you a different age. Some may say ages 5–9, others prefer 10–13, and others prefer 14–17. Why is that? The answer is simple. Whatever age they desire is the age they were when they were broken. Whether it was abandonment, death, divorce, abuse, or any other factor, the age that it happened, they stopped growing. Their body did not stop, but their maturity level, mental capacity, emotional capacity, and their spiritual capacity completed stopped growing. Once they got to a certain age 18+ they knew they needed help, but because America has made therapy a joke, (many comedians and comedy shows make therapy something to laugh at) many broken people are to ashamed and afraid to seek the counseling they need. These individuals continue to pretend to be the adult their age says they are even though their mind has not reached the adult mindset. So, with that they do things that only a boy would do (cheat). No matter how much a man does not know, he will not cheat on a test, but a boy will. No matter how sexy temptation (she) is, a man will not cheat on his wife, but a boy will. Any time you are dealing with a male who is dealing drugs, committing illegal activities, cheating, having sex on the down low, having sex before marriage, not keeping a job, no desire to seek promotion, you are dealing with a boy, not a man.


With that said men do NOT cheat on their wives/girlfriends, men do NOT sit around watching TV, and men are NOT dogs/pigs. The adult male you are dealing with is a boy. However, here is the thing, men are not attracted to girls, and boys are not attracted women. So, if you keep attracting boys that means one thing and one thing only, you are still a girl. At this moment, you should NOT be looking for a spouse, but you need to deal with whatever factor that has you a girl and not a woman. Boys are attracted to chicken (legs, breasts, and thighs) men are NOT. Men are attracted to a woman’s mind and not her breast. A man knows how to speak with you using eye contact; boys only look at your breast why they speak with you. Men respect women and girls. Men, do not call you names or hisses or whistles at you, those are boys who so happen to be adult males. But again, boys are only attracted to girls. You will not ever find a man attracted to a female who is half-dressed. If you want a man who will respect you then you need to attract him, and men are NOT attracted to buts, thighs, legs, breasts, and so on. Therefore, if you keep dressing like a streetwalker then you will keep attracting her customers.


Men unbelievably are not interested in marriage. He will never ask you for sex before marriage, but chances are he is not going to marry you. A man simply wants a woman (a mature female) for conversation. He needs to speak with someone who will challenge his thoughts, challenge his dreams, and even challenge his goals. Someone who is an intellect who can sharpen him, his mind, spirit, and soul. At this moment in a male’s life, he is not interested in marriage or children. He is simply interested in non-sexual company. Because he knows women mature before men, spending time with his male friends is not enough so he seeks out a female companion, but this is not for dating purposes or marriage. Women are exactly the same way. She is not interested in marriage just conversation. Men are only attracted to women. Because he is not ready for marriage, he can smell a wife a mile a way and will NOT commune with her simply because he doesn’t want her to take the wrong idea. He doesn’t want to deceive her into thinking he is interested when he is not. Now, I know what you are thinking, don’t you have to be married to be a wife? Absolutely not. The term wife has nothing to do with a title, but everything to do with lifestyle. There are things that a wife does that women or girls do not do. The main objective of a wife is to build up her household (husband). This simply means no matter what is going on in the house or what the man is doing you NEVER talk down to him in any form. A wife speaks life into her husband; a wife speaks joy, love, peace, confidence, hope, faith, and anything that is positive into her husband. When a man transforms into a husband, he is now ready to get married and he is not interested in your looks, but what you can do to help him (help meet Genesis 2:18). A man has a career and or owns his own business and the business is running well. When he has finished doing everything he was assigned to do (replenish, cultivate, guard, Genesis 2:15) he is now ready to share his fruit (harvest) with his wife and maybe multiply. So, at this moment he is not just looking for a sex partner, but a friend, and a business partner. A Husband is attracted to a wife. A wife knows how to run a business and a household with the provisions she receives from her husband. There are three things you need to check as a female if you are looking for a husband:

A: YOUR MOUTH. A man and a husband stay far away from girls. A girl is a female who says things like, “you ain’t no good”; “you just like yo’ daddy”; “won’t be nothing”; “you a lazy good for nothing”; “you ain’t nuttin’ but a dog”, etc. If you know your mouth is not edifying, respectful, gracious, loving, and kind then either work on that or be content with a boy, because no man or husband will stay around you with a mouth like that.

B: Stop focusing on getting married and focus on you. Wives are debt free. If you are not than you are not a wife and no husband will be attracted to you. Wives are either seeking promotion and moving up or has her own business(es) or working in her father’s business before marriage. Wives know how to dress properly, carry her selves, properly, and can address a crowd of people without a problem no matter the situation.

C: Wives keep themselves for marriage. If you have a problem with abstinence, you will never attract a man or a husband. Only boys have sex before marriage. In most cases, that boy is a boy due to molestation and he simply is addicted and cannot stop. It is the same for girls. So, if you are having problems being abstinent before marriage seek counseling. Psychologists are the same as physical therapist, chiropractics, dentists, foot doctors, cardiologists, allergists, dermatologists, gynecologists, and so on. Their job is no different. They are simply assisting you in you healing yourself. Whether you need healing of the heart, lungs, toes, nose, or mind, there should never be any shame. Seek help.

If you are indeed serious about marriage and want a husband (wife for the males reading) then it is time you spend time on perfecting yourself. No, you won’t be perfect, but you need to be whole before marriage. Your spouse is not supposed to complete you. Your spouse is an addition to you. If you are, both half then you have two different halves that will not make a whole. Below is a diagram to explain that.

A husband and wife whom are whole that comes together make a marriage. However, a boy and girl who did not take the time to work on themselves to become whole are like two different ripped sheets of paper. When you put them together, all you have are two ripped papers that will not make a whole. All you have are two halves. It is not 50/50 it is 100/100. Think of it this way, if you are only giving 50% to your spouse where is the other 50% going? Another way to look at it is school. 50% is a failing grade, an F. And that’s what you get when you give 50/50 a failed marriage. So, make sure you are complete and whole before marriage.

This is a section of the book, . If you are interested i reading more

Casey Bell.

Proud uncle, writer (author, poet, songwriter, playwright, screenwriter, drama series), fashion designer, graphic designer, visual artist, and so much more.

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