What You Didn’t Know…Kid


What You Didn’t Know…


Infants, toddlers, children, juveniles, and adolescents are all classified as kids. But what most people who use this word do not know is that kid does not describe a baby or young human. The first use of the word kid was in Scandinavia back in the 1200's. The term was used to describe a baby or young goat. To this day the word kid means baby goat. It wasn’t until 1590 that the word kid meaning child was used in writing. I searched, and searched, and searched, but I cannot find who, what, and where these writings are and what books and/or author first started using the word kid to mean child. By the 1840's the word kid to describe a child was being used in language. I looked in different dictionaries and encyclopedias and couldn’t find why the word kid started to be used to describe a child. But one thing is for sure the original meaning of kid is baby goat. I am not sure why people started referring to children as baby goats, but I for one do not use the term kid anymore. Unless of course I am referring to a baby goat. Kid is just another vocabulary word Americans misuse on a daily. Maybe you should carry a dictionary around with you and research words before using them.

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