What You Didn’t Know…Light bulbs

Welcome to my series of articles on information, history, and facts that were mistold (not a word, I know) to you either in home, church, school, or anywhere else. These articles will have you researching. I start this series with the invention of the light bulb.

What You Didn’t Know…Light bulbs


When you say light bulbs the first thing Americans think is Thomas Edison, but the truth is he is NOT the inventor of the light bulb. I’m sure you heard of the riddle, “How many men does it take to screw in a light bulb?” Well, all joking aside, how many men did it take to invent a light bulb? It took over 25 men to contribute to what we call the light bulb. Ebenezer Kinnersley in 1761 is noted for being the first to create an invention for artificial light. There were over twenty men that came before Thomas Edison, whom are credited for creating their own version of a light bulb. Thomas Edison, was the first to patent his version of the light bulb (Thomas’ light bulb lasted 3–4 hours). Lewis Howard Latimer is noted for creating the first light bulb to last for years as oppose to hours or days. Latimer’s version though would blacken over some time causing one to have to replace it before it was out. Willis Whitnew was the first to create a long-lasting light bulb that would not blacken. All in all, there are over 25 men who have contributed to the invention of the light bulb many before and many after Thomas Edison. So, the next time you think about doing something amazing like inventing something illuminating, remember it takes teamwork to make the dream work.

Conclusion: Always check information before receiving it as the truth.

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