What You Didn’t Know…Race

What You Didn’t Know…


In today’s America the word racist is being used more often then ever before. However, the word racist technically does not exist. Many people identify their skin color as their race. However, your skin color is NOT your race it is your ethnicity. The word race in biology has nothing to do with skin color. The original definition of race has two meanings, but none of which mean skin color. The first meaning of race has to do with types of living creatures. There is the plant race, insect race, animal race, and the human race.

The second meaning is used to break down each race even more, for instance in the case of animals there are a race of birds, race of fish, race of felines, etc. In the human race you are broken down into ancestry. So, if you are related to Martin Luther King, Jr you are a part of the King race. If you are related to the Boss then you are a part of the Ross race, or if you are related to the other Boss you are a part of the Springsteen race, etc, etc, etc. But your skin color or your nationality has nothing to do with your race. For instance, if an Italian man named Antonio Ravioli Uno marries a Nigerian woman, his wife, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc, are all a part of the Uno race. If every one of his children (let’s say four) marries outside of their ethnicity, all of the children/grandchildren are biracial/multiracial, but they are all still a part of the same race, the Uno race.

The term for race was later broken down by languages. Depending on which language you spoke depended on which race you were categorized in. By the 1600s as the Europeans traveled the world, they couldn’t understand how humans had skin color (or maybe they just felt left out?) and they were the first to put humans into color categories: Caucasian (white race), Mongolian (yellow race), Ethiopian (negro race), American (red race), and the Malayan (brown race). But the original definition of race has nothing to do with ethnicity or skin color.

So, technically there is no such thing as a racist, unless they hate all living creatures or a specific living creature (plants, insects, animals, and/or humans). The problem with Americans, and I have mentioned this on many other articles, they often use vocabulary words without knowing the definition. They simply use them as they have heard them been used. But that is not a good thing, because most words used by the American tongue is misused. So, as said before please use a dictionary before using a word. As for people who hate people because of their skin color you’ll have to find another word to describe them. Maybe ethnicitist, a nationalitist, a colorist, or maybe just stupid. No, that wouldn’t be nice. You can call them ignorant, that is good enough.


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