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Humans misidentify themselves which is why they are unsuccessful. You cannot be successful at flying if you identify yourself as a penguin. Yes, you’re a bird, but you’re not one that flies. If you want to succeed at anything you must first know who you are. So, what is your identity? First, let’s see what is NOT your identity. The following are not your identity: ethnicity, gender, age, height, weight, skin color, religion, social class, sexual orientation, educational status, zodiac sign, job title, etc. The list goes on and on. These in no way identify you. If you choose to use those as ways to identify you, you will continue to fail. These are buckets (I will explain this later). Buckets do nothing for you, but keep you stagnant. Just as long as you are in a bucket you will not succeed. Let’s get into your unique identifiers. These not only identify you, but give you limitless access to success.


Everyone know they do NOT share fingerprints with anyone else, but everyone is still trying to be like everyone else, instead of embracing their uniqueness. You will be successful when you choose to be YOU and no one else. If you’ve ever said, “It feels like everything I touch, it fails,” it is because you are not touching what belongs to you. Everything you touch (tangible or intangible) knows which fingerprints belong on it. If you are not touching yours, you will lose it. Everything that was created for you, knows your fingerprints and is waiting for you to pick it up. Unfortunately, we have been told to fit in and be like everyone else. So, unfortunately, people die before they had the chance to touch their blessings and awards that were created specifically just for them. You MUST gain enough courage to embrace the unique you. This means no matter how wrong people say you are, no matter how weird people say you are, no matter how, crazy, dumb, insensible, silly, people say you are you MUST NOT change for any of them. Middle class people criticized Henry Ford for making the automobile affordable. Prior to Ford cars, cars were only purchased by the wealthy. He chose to change that and was ostracized for doing so, and now look at things. Claudette Colvin and Rosa Parks was criticized by both blacks and whites for not getting up out of their seats, and now look at things. Many television networks laughed at MTV for having “The Real World.” They thought the idea of realty TV was beneath television, and now every Network has some form of reality TV. M.C. Hammer was criticized for being a hip-hop artist who was an endorser for major brands, and now hip-hop artists endorse brands all the time. It doesn’t matter who criticizes you during the beginning phases of your success, just as long as it represents YOU, do it. Unfortunately, they won’t apologize when they follow you, but at least you’ll be a success. Furthermore, never take advice from anyone who does not match your prints. People can give you basic advice, but no one can tell you how to succeed. Anything you were created to do has never been seen, heard, touched, smelled, tasted, or felt, so no one can tell you how to do it. There is no college program, because what will make you a success, does not exist yet. You have to be the one to create it. You will fall a few times, just like when you first started walking. And, just like you kept learning how to walk when you fell, you need to keep working on your success even after you fall. Simply, find out what caused you to trip and fall (untied shoes, rock/pebble, not paying attention, etc.), fix the problem, and then keep moving. Success is like walking, bicycling, roller skating, etc.; it is a learning process. You are not to know everything up front. Simply start with what you know/have and whatever you need (money, knowledge, help, etc.) it will appear at the time you need it (NOT want it). You will get used to learning and you will realize you always had everything you needed to begin success except faith that you already had what you needed. Look at your finger and hand prints every day and say, “I am as unique as my fingerprints.” This way you remember to never be a carbon copy of anyone, but the unique and wonderful YOU.

Excerpt from my latest book: “4 Keys to Success

Proud uncle, writer (author, poet, songwriter, playwright, screenwriter, drama series), fashion designer, graphic designer, visual artist, and so much more.

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