You’re a Vegetable

No, you’re not. You’re a fruit. This article is simply to inform and educate you on plants that are fruit, but you think are vegetables. Most people think a plant that is sweet is a fruit, and if it is unsweet it must be a vegetable. All those people forget limes and lemons are nowhere sweet. That is enough to prove you do not need to be sweet to be a fruit. So, then how do you know the difference between a fruit and a vegetable? It is simple, if it has seeds or a pit, it’s a fruit. So, let’s take a look at the list of fruit you think are vegetables.


You should know by now that this red, sometimes green plant is a fruit. If you don’t then you are really late to the party. This wonderful fruit makes a condiment people enjoy on their Belgium fries (they’re not French) and Italians enjoy making sauce out of these plants for their pasta and pizza. Many people think they are getting their vegetable points when eating ketchup or tomato sauce, but you are not. You’re getting your fruit points. Tomatoes are in the berry family, which is why they are high in antioxidants. All berries are high in antioxidants. So, they are cousin to blueberries, raspberries, grapes, cherries, and bananas. Yes, bananas are berries and the bananas you eat today are not the bananas G-d made, they instead are bananas a scientist genetically modified. Bananas naturally are small with big black seeds (Click Here to See Image)


When you talk about this plant most people don’t even know what it is, but knows what it makes (guacamole). Yes, that green dip you enjoy (or maybe don’t enjoy) snacking with is made from a green fruit called avocado. Many people think it’s a vegetable because it is green and not sweet. But with its big pit in the middle, it indeed is a fruit.


What, okra is a fruit? Yes, silly. Did you forget okra has seeds? Vegetables do not have seeds. Okra is many people’s favorite fruit to hate. Although many people didn’t know it was a fruit. They thought it was another nasty vegetable their parents force them to eat. Well, it may be true they forced you to eat it, but it was never a vegetable.


For those who don’t know zucchini is simply the name for green squash. But yes, although many people believe squash is a healthy vegetable, it indeed is a healthy fruit. Another non-sweet fruit to add to the list.


The fairy godmother used a fruit, not a vegetable, but a fruit to make a carriage for Cinderella. So, you are indeed eating a fruit pie when you eat pumpkin pie. This means every year in November and December the fruit and vegetable (sweet potato) battle to see which one is better in a pie.


Whether you eat them whole or pour them as an oil on your salads, you are consuming a fruit. If you ever ate a raw olive that was not “pitted”, I am sure you noticed the pit, which makes it a fruit.


Pickles and green relish are made from a fruit. A fruit called cucumbers. Many people add it to their sandwich or salads thinking they are eating their veggies, but you are eating your frutties instead.


Many people know what eggplant parmesan is, but not many people have seen an actual eggplant (except now, that many men are using the eggplant emoji to symbolize a certain body part). But for those who have seen the eggplant, vegetable is the first thing you think, and the first thing you think is wrong. Like many fruits, eggplants have seeds, thus putting them in the family of fruit. So, they can marry vegetables.


I have never tried a ghost one and do not want to try one. I am a fan of sweet peppers myself along with banana peppers and pepperoncini. I also sprinkle a little cayenne pepper powder on my food for its health benefits. Whichever peppers you enjoy you are enjoying a fruit.


I know you’re shocked. I was too when I found out. Peas are not vegetables. They are actually the seeds of the pod fruit, Pisum sativum. So, really, they are seeds of a fruit, but not a vegetable.

I know you are shocked about these fruits you thought were vegetables. But it’s okay. I am sure these fruits will forgive you (just as long as you apologize) for calling them a vegetable. As always, I like to end this type of article with the following: make sure you research everything you know to make sure it is the truth. Lies are usually spoken, but rarely written; the truth is usually written, but rarely spoken. If you want lies, ask people questions. If you want the truth, get the reading.

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Casey Bell

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